Wethersfield Village Hall was originally the maltings of the Wethersfield Brewery, which was run by the Raven family. The brewery closed in 1915 and most of the property was sold to Greene King. However, Edith Maberly, the only surviving child of the Raven family, retained the malting's and Hillfoot House which had been her home. In 1921 Mrs Maberly decided to give the maltings to the village for use as a meeting place. Hence the Village Hall was initiated. Mrs Maberly felt that it was important that men returning from the war, and unable to find employment, should have a suitable place to meet and socialise. However, to make necessary improvements to the building and to install a wooden floor around £700 was needed. The villagers raised £300, which was very generous when times were hard. £1 shares raised the remaining amount, to be redeemed later. After 10 months, the hall was ready for use. Weekly dances with over forty people attending were held with the  admission of 1 shilling, which included refreshments. It rapidly became the hub of the village. There were whist drives, monthly meetings by the W.I. and theatrical productions were performed twice a year raising funds to provide stage curtains. A section of the hall was set aside as a reading room and meeting place, and the back room for billiards. Playing any games for money was prohibited and still is to this day. The first AGM of the shareholders and interested parties was held on 29th September 1922.

The use of the hall has changed remarkably over the years, and after being somewhat neglected the board of trustees launched an envelope appeal in 2017 for funds to start the restoration process. In less than two years, thanks to the help given by various grant providers, the Parish Council and the generosity of the local residents, the refurbishing of the hall to the level it is today sees it modified from a dated and tired building to a significant asset for the village that is both modern and welcoming.

The village archive room is situated in the village hall behind the stage. See the link below for more details.